On October 20th, vote Chris Bossley for Maple Ridge City Council

A vote for Chris is a vote for accountable government and a sustainable, affordable and accessible community.


Chris Bossley has announced that she will be running for a seat on Maple Ridge City Council in the upcoming municipal election.

“I’m pleased to announce my candidacy for Maple Ridge City Council. This city needs strong solutions on transit, housing affordability, and the opioid crisis, and with my previous work and volunteerism, I'm prepared to take on those challenges.”

Bossley is committed to working with all levels of government to get this done. “In order for us to be truly effective at governing, we must be prepared to work with the provincial and federal governments to get what we need for Maple Ridge. Through my work with and advocacy for the residents of Anita Place, I’ve learned that cooperative, comprehensive solutions can be found by addressing certain needs holistically instead of each in isolation.”

“Maple Ridge also needs good solutions on transit. We need to reduce travel times for commuters and get the B-line up and running to clear up the congestion along the east-west corridor. We need to make it easier for our residents to get where they need to go,” says Bossley.

Having lived in Maple Ridge for over 10 years, Bossley looks forward to the possibility of changing things for the better for the city. “I love this city. It’s unique, Golden Ears Park is a destination point, and I believe we can put Maple Ridge on the map again for positive reasons. I’m willing to fight for that.”



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